Procurement services

Procurement Services

Our services will help you in procuring best suppliers and contracts, at finest of prices and industry practices. We proffer you products and services that prove to be an asset to your firm. Our company assures complete accountability for all procurement decisions.

Benefits of our procurement services:

  • Adequate goods and services are bought, in terms of premium quality along with specification.
  • The process is absolutely secure and safe in order to build long-termcredibility.
  • It is fast enough to meet the needs of the programme.
  • All conditions are duly complied with for the maximum benefit of the user.

We follow a set mode of conduct that result in offering best services:

  • First and foremost, we discuss with our clients and then define and document our scope of work with clear KRA and desired output levels.
  • Provide help in searching of products - We employ a team of skilled personnel that are experienced in their field. These expert employees will help in proper research to let you grab the best possible deals.
  • Searching suppliers and then analysing their credibility - After identifying these suppliers, we ensure to check their credibility to avoid the risk of fraud.
  • Helps in negotiating finest purchase terms possible - We design these services, relating to procurement, especially to maximise value for your money.
  • Placing orders and then co-ordinating with those suppliers for quick shipments - We place the orders with the suppliers as soon as we find the right ones.
  • Organising pre-shipment inspections and checking if all the orders are duly complied with - This is again done for the benefit of the end-user.
  • Negotiating and securing the freight rates in the best interest of the customers.
  • Ascertaining the shortest lead time from the agencies and lines.
  • Following up with suppliers to assure quick dispatch of documents like purchase requisition, goods received notes, local purchase order, payment requisition, voucher, and purchase decision record amongst a horde of others. This helps in reviewing new developments.
  • Reporting order status along with other details about pending, open and executed orders.
  • Proper accounting of purchases, then submitting vendor, product wise purchase and payable report.