Work Flow Management

Communication with Client

We aspire to develop proper communication channels with the clients through online & offline modes.

  • Face to face
  • E-mails/Skype
  • Telephonic conversations

This helps us to understand their business requirements before putting an offer in place & executing customized solutions.

Receipt of Raw Data :

Collect raw data & documents through secured online and offline mode.

  • Financial reports
  • Accounting-manual
  • Sales Invoices
  • Purchase Invoices
  • Payment Vouchers
  • Travel bills

We also design and use excel-templates to get raw data for payments & receipts, sales & purchases & other financial transactions.
Data is stored and retrieved from authenticated FTP Server.

Work Distribution and Data processing:

Work is distributed to team members after evaluating nature, size & complexity of client’s business & their requirements. Team coordinator is responsible to plan work activities, maintain documents, log work reports, communicate to resolve any discrepancies with client & submit progress report to senior team leader.

Work assessment and final evaluation by Senior Team Leader :

The Senior Team Leader holds a high moral responsibility to maintain high level of accuracy, review work & its progress which is thoroughly cross checked & evaluated before submitting final report to Client.