Are You Curious Enough?

Are You Curious Enough?



Curiosity is derived from Latin cūriōsitās,wherein any mind that is inclined towards being curious is defined as a quality related to inquisitive thinking such as exploration, investigation, and learning, evident by observation in humans and other animals.

Inquisitiveness gets the mind to explore,investigate and learn about anything and everything that, meets the thirst on discovering evidence based on observations made in a given study.The human-mind strives to work into varied parameteric platforms, that often seem immeasurable & beyond contemplation. Nevertheless, any project set on the path to discovery gets equipped with the essential wings of imagination, that leads on to explore ways to succesfully hoist a take-off.

A child-like curiosity moulds the persona of an individual. In fact, the inclination of a child to discover and learn things around them or the inherent ability to detect regularities around them,noticing when something is different or unexpected, does seem to help or get them into trouble. As the saying conveys how "Curiosity kills the cat", is based on the overindulgences in any form or kind signs up for a chaotic show.

Hence, it's always healthy to ask questions before one chooses to take information as recieved.Redirecting the queries to the right resource is crucial for a child to stay on the ship of learning and applies to the adult learner as well. Should one lose the intensity of "Curiosity" or "Being Curious" all seconds of time lay in a zombie zone with little left to achieve.

 George Loewenstein (1994) described curiosity as “a cognitive induced deprivation that arises from the perception of a gap in knowledge and understanding.” This theory was vastly accepted by many other scholars invested in defining curiosity. Environments that allowed queries to grace the boardroom meetings to conferences, were often found to be more productive than the ones that chose the shut-down mode(No questions asked,can't take No for an answer,Our way of doing it,Just do it etc). The foundation of learning through discovery ranges back to families wherein questions played a vital role in boosting the learning cycle, primarily via deep conversations that lead on to search for answers.

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  • 2021-03-10
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